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Are Rolling Papers Biodegradable

Purple Papers- Are Rolling papers Biodegradable

Smoking a joint can be a perfect treat for the day, and of course your flower is the star of the show. The rolling papers you choose can make all the difference. That’s why all of Blazy Susans rolling papers are made from all natural vegan ingredients. The harsh chemicals and bleaches used in most rolling papers can affect both the taste and the burn rate of your joint. Blazy Susan’s biodegradable rolling papers are not just better for you, but they are also better for the environment.

Most folks toss their joint on the ground once they are done smoking it. While most rolling papers are considered biodegradable, the rate of decay depends entirely on what your rolling paper is made from. Blazy Susan’s vegan rolling papers are going to degrade much quicker than rolling papers made with chlorine bleach or other chemicals. Harsh chemicals not only stick to the ground longer, but they also linger in the human body and can have negative effects on your health.

Filter Tips Too!

The same applies for filter tips. Some filter tips can contain acetate in them. And although they are technically biodegradable, that does not necessarily mean they are good for the earth. Our premium dyed tips are made from the same quality sourced materials as our rolling papers.  That means these filters use all natural, chlorine-free paper that is more biodegradable than conventional acetate filters.

In short, all of Blazy Susan’s vegan rolling papers and filter tips are biodegradable and much better for the environment than the cheap gas station papers. If you don’t want to put harsh chemicals into your body, the same should go for the environment.

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