Dab Pad

Dab Pad


Our 8″ silicone dab mats/pads are always a great addition to any living room, coffee table, or wherever you want to safely store your glass. Fits perfectly snug in the center of every Blazy Susan but is great for mobile usage as well.


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Silicone Dab Pads/Mat

Our silicone dab mats are perfect for setting glass pieces or anything messy on and clean up super easy with isopropyl alcohol or throwing it in the dishwasher.

What is a Dab Pad /Dab Mat?

Our Dab pads are shaped like a coaster for your dab rig and tools in part because that is exactly how you use them! You can set your rig on it, preventing your dab rig from sliding around or worse, tipping and breaking! They will also protect your coffee table or surface from coming into contact with your concentrates.

Additional information

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 0.2 in

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Tim Vazquez


Christy Lux

Dab Pad

Marcus Miller
Love blazy suzan

Q tips work better than anything love the pink color to them and my dab mat is dope af love y’all