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Shop our selection of world famous pink rolling papers, extra functional rolling trays, smoking and dabbing accessories, and stylish merch.

Blazy Categories

Smoking Accessories

For your next smoke sesh.

Rolling Trays

Functional and organized.

Rolling Papers

Slow burning pink papers.

Pre Rolled Cones

Skip rolling and start smoking.

Gift Cards

Share with your friends!

Dabbing Accessories

For your next dab sesh.

Dab Trays

The perfect home for your rig.

Blazy Susans

Spinning rollings trays.

Blazy Merch

Hats, hoodies, and more!

Extra Functional

Rolling Trays and Smoking Accessory Organizers

Give the revolutionary Blazy Susan rolling tray a spin and transform your cluttered coffee table into a tidy and organized conversation piece – your smoke seshes will never be the same. Try out some of our perfect Pink Papers while you’re at it, and smoke in style!

Innovative Design Based on Community Feedback

Our products are always made with our customers in mind. Our customers come from all over the world, from right here in Colorado to across the pond in the UK and Europe. We are all ears to feedback and suggestions from the community. We strive to be the kind of organization that this industry deserves – consumer-focused and forward-thinking.

Reviews from the #BlazyGang

Over the years, our brand has cultivated an incredible community of fans and supporters – we lovingly refer to them as the Blazy Gang. See what they have to say about Blazy Susan.
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