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Blazy Susan Rolling Tray

Blazy Susan Rolling Trays

Shop our extra functional Blazy Susan rolling trays built from years of consumer feedback and improvements. All of our trays come out ready to challenge any enthusiast with its assortment of slots and storage areas built in.

Our first 2 designs feature the original spinning rolling tray, the Blazy Susan, or one of our standard Blazy functionality-inspired rectangular trays. You’ll find a ton of great customization options featuring things like silicone inserts and dab pads, or our growing list of available wood styles.

Blazy Susan Stainless Steel Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays – Why Do you Need Them?

Rolling trays help you keep everything exactly where you want it. The Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray keeps your area neat, clean, and organized by storing your pipes, bowls, dab tools, and more into separate compartments.

Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

Choosing The Right Rolling Tray For You

Choosing the right rolling tray depends on your smoking style and preference. If you’re a simple roll and toker, our stainless steel rolling tray is perfect for you. If you need extra compartments, and places to put your smoking and dabbing accessories, then our Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray is your best option. It all comes down to how often you expect to use your rolling tray and the level of organization you’d like your rolling tray to have.

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