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5 More Reasons Rolling Trays Improve Your Sesh

Back in July we outlined 5 ways our Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray can improve your sesh. To be honest, it was pretty tough to whittle the list down to 5 entries; there’s a ton of different ways our rolling trays make your life easier!
We didn’t even mention the other tray options that we have available. Let’s revisit that last post and talk about everything regarding rolling trays:

What is a Rolling Tray Anyways?

If you are a newer smoker, don’t feel ashamed if you’ve wondered “what is a rolling tray anyways”? Regardless of the shape or size of the rolling tray, most trays have raised edges and sunken surfaces, and provide a flat surface on which to roll your herbs. People prefer to use a tray to keep their tables and other surfaces clean and organized, or so they can roll up in places where they normally wouldn’t have a convenient flat surface. Rolling trays can be basic, or they can be a little extra – like our Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray. There’s a time and place for everything!


Reduce Waste and Save Money

In our previous rolling tray blog, we mentioned how there’d be no more crumbs or ash left on other surfaces.The other side of that you may have failed to consider – all of your crumbs and shake will be on your tray instead of the table or floor. You can then scoop everything up and easily add it back into your j or blunt. Our Hemp Plastic Rolling Tray even has a convenient “funnel” in the corner so you can just pour it all back in when you’re almost done. This means less wasted product and money! In other words, rolling trays help you get more to smoke per buy


Keeps You From Losing Your Smoking Accessories

Rolling Paper, Pre-rolls, Grinders, lighters etc. can all easily get misplaced. In our earlier piece, we mentioned it’s easy to let your pipes, bowls, and ashtrays run amok on your coffee table. Let’s be honest – without a designated area to put your smoking accessories, it’s easy to misplace them all. You already know how frustrating it can be when your lighter runs off on you. Unlike other rolling trays, our Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray is customized to have designated spots to hold all your smoking and dabbing accessories together, including lighters, papers, grinders, dab tools, and even dab pens and cartridges!


Quicker Time from Start to Smoke

When everything is already all set up and good to go, it takes no time to get your session going. Just take a seat by your tray, roll up, and smoke up.


There’s a Rolling Tray for Everyone

Rolling trays ultimately come down to personal preference. If you want something simple and minimalistic , check out our stainless-steel rolling trays. If you are looking for an incredibly durable rolling tray with an eco-friendly angle, you might like the Blazy Susan Hemp Plastic rolling tray. If you want a conversation piece that has just about everything you’ll ever need from a tray, then you need the Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray. With the Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray, make sure to pick up the various silicone inserts including the dab station, deluxe ashtray/bowl cleaner, and dab pad (you’ll want the full set up to get the most out of the Blazy). It’s all up to how you want to organize your smoking accessories.


Make It Easy to Roll on the Go!

About to go on a weekend getaway, or just down to a friend’s house? No matter where you go, your stash will be neat and tidy. Rolling trays like our Stainless-Steel Rolling Tray are super durable and perfect for on the go! It’s the perfect size to tuck away in a backpack for your next camping adventure or beach day.

Blazy Susan Rolling Tray

From the beginner smoker to the experienced connoisseur, rolling trays are really a must-have to elevate your smoke game. Blazy Susan carries a great assortment of rolling trays, from the simple yet stylistic to the high-tech super functional in order to fit your preference. If you have any questions about any of the Blazy Susan line of rolling trays or anything else Blazy-related, feel free to email us at

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