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The best cones!

I buy these any time I want cones and I gift them to all my stoner girlfriends 🥰 They’re not only cute, they also burn so nicely!!!

Best ashtray ever

So cute and functional! Reasonably priced too. So glad I bought it!

Would buy again

Does the job and is cute.

Loved it!

Bought it for my fiancé and she loved it. At first she didn’t understand and after I showed her she was shocked how well it worked.

Last tray you will need

Amazing product and service

The customer service from this business is absolutely amazing! Quality products too!


Best ouid accessory I have ever bought. Elevated my space and keeping it beautiful and classy.

Perfect for cleaning tools

Made it so much easier to get crud out of our tools.

Black Dab Tray
Jennifer Riley
Much Needed Smoking Accessory!

This has come in handy much more than anticipated. I love the dab pad and the tools that come with this. Everything is high quality, easy to clean, and keeps my dab station super organized.

High quality!

I've never seen teeth like this, grinds perfectly. Best grinder I've used

Dab Pad
Christy Lux

Dab Pad

Cotton Buds
Isaiah Williams
cotton swabs

They do the job well soak up everything

Blazy Black Checkered Shirt

Shorty pink cones

These little guys are so cute and the perfect amount for a solo smoke or a quick smoke with ur friend 🙂 really enjoy


Obsessed!! Everything I own is pink so of course I needed these pink papers and they don’t disappoint! So cute 😍

Perfect for covid

Now I can roll little joints for everyone and we don’t have to pass one around. Love them.

Amazing Color, Easy to Use and Delicious

These are some of the best papers I have ever used! I love how the flavor of the paper itself doesn’t outshine the bud so you are able to taste different notes and flavors that I miss when using Raw products. 5/5!


It fits so many things, plus it's decently sized.
High quality and beautiful, great for a centrepiece

My favorite!!

Blazy Susan cones are my absolute favorite. They burn perfectly, and I always get “they’re sooooo pretty” when anyone sees one packed. They couldn’t be more perfect!!

Awesome Cones

I’ve been smoking for 14 years and I can’t roll for the life of me, but these guys made it so much easier! I love that I just fill the cone with my favourite herb, pinch the end and I’m good to go. And the taste; or should I say lack of! I absolutely love how slow they burn as well, I think I’m hooked 😁

Gorgeous color and high quality! Best and easiest to use cones I've ever tried!


These are so cute and burn sooooo well. 10/10 would buy again

Fancy stoner

Perfect size when you only need a few hits and want to look fancy.


These cones make smoking joints so easy! Love them!