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great papers,fast service


The shipping was fast now I'm smoking 👍 up Blazy Susan

Black Dab Tray
Karen Moses

Black Dab Tray

Great for slo burning perfection

The best in the world hands down

Blazy Dab Pad/Mats
maria mondragon
dab matt


Absolutely Amazed

In love with this tray. Has been very sturdy. The compartments are endless and I was pleasantly surprised when the middle had its own mat. I know this company is geared towards females, however this old Dead Head can truly appreciate the craftsmanship. RIP Bill Walton

Pink Backpack
Laura Messner

Love it so happy!

Small rolling tray

Perfect little tray for rolling joints.


I truly hated using rolling papers. They burned uneven, would get pretty messy, and i’d always notice a distinct flavor. I tried these and I love them! They burn soo slow, they don’t leave ashes everywhere, and they’re flavorless! Definitely will be getting more!


These are better than the xtra slim ones. The airflow is a lot better and hits are very smooth and smoky.

New fav

Loving this for darker buds. Does what its supposed to do, and well.

Great As Usual

I've tried many other brands, but I've always come back to Blazy Susan. Always a great product and wonderful customer service. The cones make rolling so much easier and allow you to quickly get to the best part, the smoking. Burning is even, heat is well controlled, and it's a slow smoke. And the cute colors are definitely a great bonus.

Love it other then it didn’t come with enough info

I love it it just needs more information on how to use it you got people out here guessing what to do for preheating and such,

Love Susan

Received everything I needed! Now I’m fully stocked🫡

Black Dab Tray
Jesse Bishop

Awesome product!!

Paint started to peel

Paint started to peel off almost immediately after getting it and the teeth aren’t the best at actually grinding without getting gummed up in the top

Great for getting pesky spots in rig

Been using it for my Carta 2 to clean tight spots around atomizer. They work wonders. Quality is excellent compared to everyday q-tips you find in the store. The main difference being the cotton gets caught on around metal area leaving tiny pieces. Definitely worth the purchase, bought 3 pack of 100 so I am set for the year. Will buy again once I run out! If you only care about the pointy end for cleaning, use the other side for your ears haha

Love the design but,could use an upgrade

Absolutely love the design and the box, the problem is that at a high setting it can cause your cart to leak, also the counter for the hit’s sometimes goes up 2 instead of one, i love the leds that light up during pre heat, also the paint chips very easily any keys, phone even jewelry or just setting it down wrong scratches it. all in all it’s very cute and stylish but the battery function could be improved, id love to see an upgraded version one day for now i use it because i prefer the cuteness over function lol but thats really just me.

My favorites! Please give us bigger quantities

I love absolutely love rolling pink spliffs but please I need more. More + bigger quantity options pleaseeeee I’ll buy 300 at a time

Love this thing!

By far my favorite so far, love the quality and the display of battery percentage!

Tea Leaf Wraps | 2 Pack
Shanoa Frazier

Tea Leaf Wraps | 2 Pack

Grateful Dead Metal Rolling Tray

Secret Box Battery
Crystal Bohmbach

I avoided cartridges for so long. I bought disposables for way too long. My batteries would die so quick and I would get so frustrated. I love this battery so much. Incredibly reliable. Charge lasts super long. And it’s so cute!

Best Rolling Tray!

Love my blazy Susan! Now my office is organized and I can work and toke with ease 😎💨

Wonderful blunt wrap alternative

Taste is very subtle and earthy, sturdy/stiff material. Very reminiscent of a Backwood, in a good way that doesn't tear your lungs up. I love these.

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