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Blazy Pink Hoodie
Glenda Benton
Happy Blazer

Very pleased with shirt, hoodie & other. Received order confirmation only.
*Would have been really nice to receive information on when my order could to be expected & the ship date.
* I was concerned if my items would be delivered by a certain date. Just had to wait it out and keep checking at the post office. Fortunately I received my order quickly and in time for the occasion. Thanks Blazy Susan

Blazy Sticker Pack
Candice Brown

Blazy Sticker Pack

Organized from Chaos

Before my Blazy my equipment area was a major malfunction. Now I have a place for everything; 2 smaller bongs, grinder, unicorn dab rig, joints, lighters torches, dab buckets, and now all I have to do it spin the wheel. It truly is a must have.

Pink is my favorite color.

The papers are great and the tips are the best I’ve used. Plus, they’re pink.

Pink Cones Bundle
Eric Armstrong

Perfect burning. Shorty's are perfect for that morning/midmorning/lunch/afternoon break

Fuzzy Bucket Hat
samuel popailo jr
Loved it so much...

...that I ordered 2 more.

Unbleached Pre Rolled Cones - 50 Count

Pink Dab Tray
Jasmine Chan

Great product!!


Being that my name is Susan, I saw this brand and immediately went to the website. As soon as I laid eyes on this hoodie I knew it had to be mine, especially at that price! It’s extremely high quality, very soft inside, a little pinker than I expected but that doesn’t matter. I love it!

Love em

Will be making another purchase in a bigger quantity next time.

Dab Station
Kurtis Harris

Dab Station

Pink Cones Bundle
Candace DeVaul

Pink Cones Bundle

Dab Station
Most important stoner accessory

This has elevated my stoner game for sure!! Can't believe I use to go without this 🤯! I use to get triggered by how unorganized my coffee table use to look like, now I stare at my dab station in awe 😍!

Super cute & great quality

Honestly makes me feel like a bad a$$ b!tch. Idk if I can say that but it really does. Doesn’t mess with the flavor and they are totally cute. Honestly I bought them cause of this song pink papers by scene queen and I have zero regrets. 10/10 get them feel like a B.A.B. too! Honestly this is feminism at its finest 😉


My absolutely favorite grinder ever!!! The perfect shade of pink!


I bought it for a friend and she was stoked to see a female stoner brand

Silicone Slap Insert

10/10 Cones Would Recommend

Great cones, burn evenly, look cute, well priced


Awesome product!! Gave it an interesting paint job.

Best Grinder Eva

No need for any other grinder, they all trash compared to this one, plus who doesn’t love pink?

Pink Rolling Papers
Tanner Webb

Pink Rolling Papers

Awesome and aesthetic

Favorite rolling tray ever

Love the stainless steel tray. Have had one myself for over a year and it's all I use. Just bought another one as a bday gift for a friend and he loved it. Great quality, super durable, perfectly sized, and easy to clean. Highly recommend it!

The CUTEST Stickers

My mom's name is Susan so I thought it would be an awesome gift. She loves them! Great variety of sticker sizes and choices too.

Quality smoke everytime

Love the quality control at Blazey Susan