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Purple Deluxe Rolling Kit | 1-1/4"

Cutest papers ever

A friend recommended them, so I bought them, and they're super cute and just the right size, just wish I knew how to use them. 🤣🤣

Cute and fun

I just love the little box for these. Such a super cute design! The papers are great as well. I can't wait to use the box to store my smokes!

Dab Station
Katherine Chaplin
Love it

I got it for my wife for Christmas this year. When it came in I was at work and was gone for 6 weeks. I got in day before Thanksgiving and noticed that it was damaged. I emailed company that night and they didn’t hesitate to send me a label to return an replace it. I’m so sure my wife is gonna love it.

Cross-Body Bag

Love this cross body bag but I’m very disappointed that the actual color of this crossbody fades off. After maybe a month or two my crossbody no longer is black with the pink logos, but the white underneath is severely showing.

This tray holds up incredibly well!

I bought this tray for my boyfriends as a Christmas present last year and it has been the best thing for him to keep his smoke area nice and organized and not looking a mess. It also perfectly matched the wood his coffee table is made out of. Couldn't have gotten him a better tray. He absolutely loved it. He's a huge smoker who actually really loves Blazey Susan, so he didn't mind the cute Blazey Susan lady insert. Could have picked something different but he liked it!
It cleans up really well especially being in a mechanics house who smokes a lot.


Love it

Just Blaze

Perfect doesn't affect your 🌼 highly recommend!

love this adorable item!

i love this item so much! adorable packaging that i will def be reusing, these pink papers are truly my favorite

Pink Rolling Papers
Debra Miller


Blazy Pink Hoodie
Matt Cagle

Awesome stuff

Perfect and adorable

These are so perfect and cute! Great for anytime and PERFECT for when you need something on a quick break. Love these little guys!


Really really loved these! I typically like a more traditional “blunt shell” rather than a wrap, mostly for the way that they roll and because wraps sometimes seem more flimsy. But I thought the rose wraps rolled beautifully not to mentioned they burned crazy slow! Super smooth taste as well

Rose Wraps | Full Box
Malika Jackson
Info on packaging

Why doesn't the 2packs say 0.3 or less of thc anymore? Cause it wasn't on the back of my packets like they used to be when I've gotten them!!

Sticker pack review

They are super cute & each one is different! I believe it came with 6.

Useful product, Has potential to be great!!

I got this product as a set, with the mats and accessories.

This product has so much potential, and overall I am very satisfied, the product works as described.

Things that could be improved…

The silicone mats are easy to clean but stained yellow when in contact with concentrate after first couple of uses. ( I got purple mat).

There are a whole lot of holes in the tray, but most of the diameters are not useful and go unused because they are too small and shallow to fit tools, pens, ect. having a deeper more uniform size to store flower and concentrate accessories ( 10/14/18mm) would be a better use of space imo.

The paint is a great shade of pink, but I was disappointed that the paint was damaged in a small area, but more so, I was extremely disappointed to learn that the paint on the product is unsealed. The product is designed to be used with sticky substances but if you get iso on the paint, the paint will come off. For the cost of the product, This absolutely needs to be improved upon… and ultimately is the reason I rated the product 4 stars vs 5.

Overall, I recommend this product, and will continue to purchase from this company.


Only papers I will smoke!!!


came really fast and the papers are perfect and so cuteeee thank u

Packaging is horrible

I obviously bought the product because I like them. However, the packaging is horrible. I understand that there’s a lot that you have to put in this box but it’s such a mess to get them out that you crush half of them because they’re packed so poorly not sectioned off, they’re just sitting in there. The box was not even sealed properly. It’s just not a smart way to have packed them together because yes, they do come similar to the way they come in a small boxes however, there’s nothing stable about them when you reach your hand in there you could literally crush half of them. The quantities worth the price the quality is not as far as packaging. I would rather get boxes and boxes then to get that one huge box. It’s just a big mess. I wish there was a space to submit a picture for a view for those people who are thinking of purchasing this, so they know what they’re getting into.

Purple reign

Susan Shop Sign
Jonathan Lyons

Susan Shop Sign

Sturdy and Slow

Very sturdy when rolling but thin and slow burning. I’ve been married to RAW papers for a long time now but we’ve quickly signed the divorce papers so I could join the Blazy Gang

Rose Wraps | 2 Pack
Alex Rucker
Rose Wrap Review

Good…. Very good…….. (burns slow, easy to work with. Never wrapped a blunt before and this was easy, impressed all my friends with how well it was rolled despite the fact I’d never done it before)


They're cute, fun, and easy to use. I love the cones, and them being my favorite color is an added bonus! The shipping was also fast!

As expected

The wraps burnt and rolled good, definitely worth the money

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