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Beautiful joints

They burn slow and the pull is so smooth 5/5

My Favorite Cones!

I’ve tried many different brands of cones. These are by far the best I’ve ever tried.

Love this brand

This brand is such a cute idea love it so much!!

Awesome products

Couldn’t be more happy with my purchase... I will definitely recommend and buy from again..👍

Smooth burn.

These burn smooth and slow, definitely my new favorite!

Rolling papers

Love my Blazy Susan rolling papers. Easy to roll. Burns slow & even.

So stylish and functional

Size is great and feels much heavier duty than other rolling trays. Holds everything and the color is amazing.

Pink Pre Rolled Cones - 6 Count

Love it

The perfect thing for all my smoking supplies! And looks super cute as home decor too ✨


Love that it’s all pink!!!!! Papers smoke so evenly!

Loveeeee it!

Very slow burning, no burned taste, the filter feels very nice easy to breath in, and the color puts me in such a good mood. Will order again 100%

Cotton Buds

Such a great Tray!

My desk was a disaster a few weeks ago: dabs, pipes, tools, lighters, and papers everywhere. With this tray, suddenly everything has a place! I am now the most organized smoker I know!

Loved them

The perfect valentines day gift


It's been my honor to be one of the original few resident artist's with Blazy Susan, offering my artworks on this PHENOMENAL rolling tray! My #1 request as a creator was PLEASE SEND IT TO ME UNFINISHED! This way I wasn't having to sand all the tiny nooks and grooves for proper paint application. THANK YOU for hearing me!!!!! That's not all; it's important to me to inspire creativity in others and the fact that they're now making this option available to ANYONE AND EVERYONE is just another testament to their dedication to the plant and it's community. We are creators- and now everyone can paint a Blazy, whether they're a professional or not. Whether they choose to keep it, or sell it. THANK YOU Blazy Susan for always GIVING BACK in all you do and create! It's become so much more than just organizing that sesh space. MUCH LOVE! #BLAZYGANG #BLAZYGANGCREATES

Love these papers! Super thin but holds up well during rolling. Shipping was quick and the price is right. Thanks for this product

So smooth 😌

Sheesh! These are absolutely perfect. They hit so smoothly. One joint lasts me a couple smoke sessions by myself. I love these! Highly recommend!!

Dab station

Amazing dab station and great quality and perfect size especially for the price!

New Fav

Best prices out there. I hate making trips to the gas station. So ordering bulk from Blazy was a no brainer.

Love them and they were not slow burning but superbly cute to smoke!

They came really fast with delivery and they weren’t very slow burning but I loved smoking with them and they smoked smooth all the way thru! ❤️

Amazing Product

Beautiful burn🤍


I shared these with a few friends and we all say the same thing! They are awesome 🤩

Love my spinning tray!!

I gifted my first Blazy Susan spinning tray to my brother in law & he and I love it so much that I ordered a second one just because!!! I love that you can choose different color inserts for the inserts and dab station 🙂


this ashtray really reinvents the game! plus it's super cute and easy to clean so really just 5 stars all around 🙂

Everybody loves them!

These papers are so cute and everyone that’s seen me use them has made a nice comment or asked where I’ve gotten them from! Would buy again for sure!

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