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King Size Pink Rolling Papers

Pink is better.

Did not burn evenly in my opinion. The pink ones burn the best, which is what I will be sticking to. But we had to try them.

Love the wraps!

The flavor is immaculate

Deluxe Dab Station

Outstanding!! Exactly what I was looking for!! Silicone for the win and options for days. Great upgrade to add more organization while spinning or using the Genius Blazy Susan Rolling Tray. Love companies that think outside the box. Fits right into the Blazy Susan rolling tray like a glove 👌 👏 👍

best. ever.

perfect amount of smoke. love the lilac color. Burns v smooth.

Silicone Dab Jars
Randi Dailey
Great Dabbing

I love my dab container, it hold my concentrates without getting sticky and even so it's easy to clean. It pairs nicely with my terp pen.

Cuuuute 💜

Purple is my favorite color, that's why I got them!


Love the Rose wraps…burns super slow!

Rose Wraps | 2 Pack
Brandon Tanner
Not worth it

These wraps taste and smell amazing but they don’t seal. Imagine you wrap expensive material and the wrap unravels and spills in your lap. Fix the seals or no more business from me

Blazy Pink Hoodie
Hallie Roden
I love it!

For the price man it is worth it! Simple. Cute. Cozy. I wear it everywhere now!

Gets the job done

This is the first blazy susan product I’m not 100% sold on. I didn’t expect it to be such flimsy silicone. It’s absolutely a great product.. I’d probably still buy again but it didn’t blow my mind like most blazy products do

Unbleached Pre Rolled Cones | 1-1/4" | 50 Count

Rose Wraps | 2 Pack
Angel Arzola

Rose Wraps | 2 Pack


These cones are the best in the market! slow burn and no taste

4-Piece Aluminum Grinder

Purple Pre Rolled Cones | King Size | 50 Count

Pink Pre Rolled Cones | 98mm | 50 Count

Blazy Pink Shirt
Britny Pooley
Soft and comfortable!

Super comfy and soft! Fits perfect!

Pretty nice

A good experience

Amazing 👏 🙀 😮

We loved them I got my wife them & she loves them so much will be ordering a whole set for her & the pink ones too 💗

Purple cones

Best cone on the market. Not only are they pretty they also smoke great.

4 piece herb saver grinder

I love the brand. The grinder is what’s to be expected from a plastic grinder. I love that it has the extra compartment to store the herb. I also love that it is plastic so I can go through metal detectors with it.


I love this grinder, I got the hot pink one since the bike was sold out at the time. I literally love it! It’s super nice easy to clean.

They get the job done.

Nothing special with these. They burn as normal and get the job done

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