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these wraps are absolutely fabulous, they add a touch a class to your sesh without over powering your flowers aroma and taste.

Love these! The 98s are such a great size!

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I enjoy being able to put a charcoal filter down & roll one big enough to share

I love my hemp tray! 😍🌱

i got mine from the smoke shop i work at. the material is a beautiful color & it’s super light and functional. it’s a great tool to keep all your smoking accessories together in one spot, organized. blazy susan never misses 💕💕

I looove them and they work great, keeps the hits feeling less harsh but without minimizing airflow. They also make rolling super simple for a beginner like me.
My only problem is that you have to order them in such a large quantity. I try to limit my smoking, so while only selling them in bulk financially makes sense, it doesn’t work with my style.

Definitely would buy if trying to quit Tabacco

I love these been smoking the pink ones
For about 2 years highly recommend! Hopefully y’all come out with more colors

Great grinder!

Works great and super easy to clean!!!

great so many uses

you can put ALL of your smoking accessories in here

Pink is my favorite color!

I have bought these before and I will continue buying them! They’re so cute and they smoke so smoothly!

King Size Purple Rolling Papers

Love it

Perfect for stuffing my cones … fits perfectly in my purse

4-Piece Aluminum Grinder
Sierra Gonzalez

4-Piece Aluminum Grinder

Best tray ever!

IM OBSESSED! This tray has been one of my best weed investments. The material is perfect and all the different compartments help to stay organized. AHHH I LOVE ITTT


Love these, I’m happy that i can make a regular joint or a king sized

Can't wait to order again!

The tray was so cute and so convenient. Also getting the ashtray/debowler was something I didn't know I need. Of course j had to get a restock of my favorite paper and cotton swabs. Blazy never let's me down.

Best sh!t ever

I really freaking love my blazy susan!! It has places for all your weed accessories to include a lighter holder, blunt and pre roll holders and so much useful things for a weed condasuer smoke up!

Best Ashtray Around!



Amazing quality, just like the pink ones are! Was not disappointed and everyone loved them as gifts!


Amazing quality, just like the pink ones are! Was not disappointed and everyone loved them as gifts!

Does the job!

Easy to use and burns slow


Great product, will not be the last time I purchase.

Purple is a vibe

Seriously my FAVE thing Blazy has come out with and that’s saying a lot! My bestie and I are obsessed and get so excite for a purp sesh! Keep them 4eva eva 🙂

Always satisfied!

These papers are so cute! I have bought them before and will most likely buy them again!
The filters can be made smaller.
I like that there’s a pattern on the purple ones.

Great sign

This sign is great and well made with great graphics and a lot of light without glare.Arrived well packaged and undamaged and really looks good installed.

Awesome x2

My first blazy Susan was so awesome that I bought a second one for our basement living room. It is a space saver and a great way to organize all my goodies.

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