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Pretty in Pink

I am thrilled that these beautiful pink cones come in shorty size 😎 perfect for solo jams

Pink Pre Rolled Cones - 6 Count

Expensive but worth it as a daily roller

Didn’t think it would be worth it, did it for my partner, but these are honestly so much higher quality than the budget packs we were buying on amazon and better than RAW. They’re so pretty and pink too 🥺

Stainless Steel Rolling Tray

Perfect pink hoody

This is the most comfy, most perfect shade of pink hoody ever created


Love the product

Blazy Pink Hoodie
Adrian Owens
Pink hoodie

Great hoody feels nice

If there was 1,000 stars I would give it 1,000

Awesome papers, great value.


Awesome quality, great shipping, came with cool stickers!

Mom loved it

My mom has been smoking with the usual old-school-style paraphernalia since the '60s. For her 65th birthday, I got her this rolling tray with all the accessories to fill the inserts. She's a joint smoker and doesn't need all the bells and whistles of the spinning tray, but she appreciates having a dedicated spot for all the things she does use. It was a fun way to mark both a special birthday and the first since her state (NY) legalized weed, and as the gift-giver I was much happier to support a small company with values like ours!

Cherry Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

Pink rolling papers

These are a quality product. Best I’ve ever used.

Black Dab Tray
Megan C.
Black Dab Tray

I was trying to find something for my boyfriend - the guy has everything - and as I was cleaning up his desk, I thought - there has to be something to keep all this “stuff” organized - I googled “tray to hold dabs”. I didn’t even know something like this existed. Anyway Blazy Susan popped up & I made my purchase. Right away I knew it was worth it! Now everything has it’s place! The quality of the tools, tray and dab pad are top notch! Very impressed!

Love these! Perfect size, burn beautifully.

King Size Pink Pre Rolled Cones

Dab Tool - Gold
Gregory Hazlett

Love it

Little jars..

I love them. As always great quality!! I have them as a gift. The person was thrilled. Loved them.


I have alot of smoking accessories, but this try is my absolute favorite! I need a small one for my smaller bag. I get so many compliments! Love it!

Perfect rolling tray

This rolling tray is so dope!!! Super durable and so cuteeee!! Most def recommend!!

Sweet dab tool

Sleek look and nicely made I love it


You can’t any better than these things!


Got this and another product as a gift for my boyfriend, he absolutely loves them! Now his tools are all organized in one place and he doesn't have to search for anything 😊

Best ever

Love these cones

If you smoke out of anything with a bowl you need this

Don't like to crack bowls with scrappers or have smelly resin fingers trying to empty a cashed bowl .

This ashtray is study very good at cleaning bowls and great to rest a Blazy joint on one of its many indents.
I would recommend it if you could only have 1 ashtray