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See why everyone loves Blazy

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Deluxe Silicone Ashtray / Bowl Cleaner

Love it

Love pink it's perfect i love pink so i love that's tips please make everything pink thank you

Pink Filter Tips - Full Box

Gift for my friend ❤️

She loved it !!!🥰

Blazy Merch

Why wouldn’t you get some of this 🔥🔥🔥merch

Subtle and Superior

Loved the quality of the cotton and the embroidered logo. Super classy!


Happily got these as many stores don’t have...


I always have people asking where I got this shirt - I love it so much I swear I wear it twice a week - the quality is amazing.

I absolutely loved them best for a lunch break while at work😅😅

Great 4 piece grinder!

I have had many grinders in the years and to me, they are all the same. With that being said, I really love the color and the way this grinder functions over anything else. The color is just to die for! It is so pretty! I love that it is a subtle pink that anyone can love and enjoy. I had to put a little bit of vegetable oil on the sides to prevent it from sticking together. It comes with a nifty little tool to help scrape or scoop up your flower or Keefe. I highly recommend this to anyone that requires a grinder.

Have become my new go-to papers

Will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Amazing papers!


smoked slow and loved that they didn't stink like some papers nice color too 💖


You all knocked it out of the park again. My only complaint is not getting ordering one sooner!

Silicone Slap Insert

Blazy t-shirt 💚💚💚

I love my blazy susan t-shirt ❤ it fits true to size and is super comfy 💚💚💚

Best cones I have ever smoked, burn perfect every time

You spin me right round

definitely the easiest way to skip someone in rotation



Thrilled with My Purchase

I first discovered Blazy Susan cones when a friend brought them over to my house to smoke. The slow, even burn and ease of use immediately got me thinking I had to buy some of my own. I like a good value and the 1,000 cone pack more than fit the bill. I'm elated with my purchase and will definitely buy again - though these should last me a couple years - and recommend these to others.

My go to

Ive bought about 1,500 of these they are my go to preroll. Price, quality, etc everything just makes sense about these. They are reliable cones and people know me for always having pink joints now. I typically include some of these in gifts I give for people too since i’ve ordered so many over time.

Don’t hesitate, just buy them!!! My most favorite rolling papers to date 💕💕

Best papers

My boyfriend says these are the best papers he's ever used.

These are my absolute favorite cones, they burn slow and perfect everything 🥰💚💚💚


I love all their products the burn is so nice and no weird flavor some papers have!