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What is a Dab Tray?

A dab tray is an all-in-one tray where you can keep your dabbing accessories including your dab stations, dab tool, and dab pad along with your dab rig all in one spot and organized. Dab trays are portable and easy to use.

Why use a Dab Tray?

Dab trays are a great place to keep everything you need to dab in one place. This means less chance of losing your concentrates, your dab tool, or torches. With an included dab pad, you can protect your coffee table or other select surfaces from any residue that may drop off the dab nail. A dab tray is also a great place to store and organize all your dabbing accessories. Read Dab Tray Essentials-Dabbing Accessories for all the great accessories you can use your dab tray for.