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Deluxe Silicone Ashtray / Bowl Cleaner

Deluxe Silicone Ashtray / Bowl Cleaner


Our Silicone Ashtray/ Bowl Cleaner is made with premium silicone with extended bowl cleaner for extra cleaning action. Dishwasher friendly.”


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Ashtray and Bowl Cleaner

This flexible mess-free silicone ashtray and Bowl Cleaner has a built-in spike Perfect for ashing out clogged-up bowls with extra clearing action. It is a perfect replacement for a big clunky ashtray on your table. Dishwasher friendly, great for on-the-go and fits perfectly into a Blazy Susan.

Blazy Susan Pink Debowler

Dab Station

Get your hands on a silicone insert built specifically for your Blazy Susan. Step your dab game up with more flexible slots and holders to hold all your dabbing tools and concentrate accessories.

Additional information

Weight0.35 lbs
Dimensions4.5 × 4.5 × 4 in

Blue, Green, Teal, Pink, Purple, Black, Orange, Red, Yellow

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
If you smoke out of anything with a bowl you need this

Don't like to crack bowls with scrappers or have smelly resin fingers trying to empty a cashed bowl .

This ashtray is study very good at cleaning bowls and great to rest a Blazy joint on one of its many indents.
I would recommend it if you could only have 1 ashtray

Chris Burgess

Deluxe Silicone Ashtray / Bowl Cleaner

Alex Palm
Amazing thing I never thought I needed

Very good quality, holds all my dabbing items perfectly. Well done!

Best ashtray ever

I didn’t know an ash tray could change my life but this one did! Perfect for cleaning any piece.

Summer Peterson

Deluxe Silicone Ashtray / Bowl Cleaner