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blazy susan x grateful dead
blazy susan x grateful dead

Introducing the first officially licensed line of premium papers, cones, trays and accessories from the World's most legendary band.

The Grateful Dead
Slow Burning Rolling Papers

Our papers are made from the finest materials in France for your ultimate smoking pleasure. These Grateful Dead papers are a must-have for any deadhead who loves to roll up on their own.

The Grateful Dead
Ultra Thin Pre Rolled Cones

Whether you’re newer to the space or just looking for a quick and easy way to pack and puff, these Grateful Dead cones are the answer you’ve been looking for! Made from our premium French rolling paper.

The Grateful Dead
Rolling Trays and Grinders

A full line of Grateful Dead portable rolling trays and grinders are here!! Choose from multiple custom designs to add to your Grateful Dead collection.

The Grateful Dead
Spinning Rolling Trays

You’ll want to get your hands on these custom-designed, fully-printed Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Trays. Get your ultimate Grateful Dead sesh organizer today!

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