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Blazy Susan is a consumer-focused brand born in Denver, CO in 2017. Our mission is to help cannabis users get the most our of their smoking and rolling accessories while breaking down stigmas around the plant. 

What began as a high-dea on the couch has grown into a globally-adored papers and accessories brand. Join us in our mission today!

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We’ve partnered with Brandbassador to bring the most exciting and user-friendly experience to our Ambassador program. We’ll use this app to create engaging Missions – tasks you can complete to create incredible content or engage with our socials to earn Product, Gift Cards and even Cash!

Download the app through any of the links on this page to get started!

Reviews from the #BlazyGang

Over the years, our brand has cultivated an incredible community of fans and supporters – we lovingly refer to them as the Blazy Gang. See what they have to say about Blazy Susan.

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