Deluxe Dab Station


Step up your dab game with the new Deluxe Dab Stations from Blazy Susan!

Just like the classic dab station, the new deluxe dab stations are made from premium silicone and are heat resistant and dishwasher safe. The only difference – more flexible slots and holders to hold your dab tools and accessories!

With 10,14, and 18 mm inserts, the deluxe dab station is the perfect home for your bangers, dab tools, cotton buds, carb caps and any other concentrate contraptions.  On top of that, it fits perfectly in your Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray and comes in an assortment of different colors. Don’t be dirty – dab with a Deluxe Dab Station from Blazy Susan!

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The Next Generation Dab Station

We’ve designed the best dab tool organizer in the game. This Deluxe Dab Station features slots for bangers, bowls, tools, cotton buds and even iso! The Deluxe Dab Station comes in an assortment of different colors and fits in your Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray. Made from an easy cleaning silicone so no mess and is heat-resistant up to 500+ degrees Farenheit!

Deluxe Dab Station on a Blazy Susan Tray

Additional information

Weight0.6125 lbs
Dimensions8.25 × 4 × 2.5 in

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