King Size Rolling Papers
King Size Pink Rolling Papers

King Size Pink Rolling Papers


Ideal for getting creative with your joints, our King Size Rolling Papers are the perfect option for when standard rolling papers just aren’t big enough. Whether you’re rolling a cross joint or a classic doobie, the King Size is your best friend.

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More Bang Per Book

At 50 Leaves per booklet, we are almost DOUBLE the industry average of 32 papers per booklet.

Need Filter Tips?

Our premium dyed tips are made from the same quality sourced materials as our famous rolling papers. Pair them with a pack of our vegan papers and enjoy a higher experience than ever before.

Additional information

Weight0.01 lbs
Dimensions4.5 × 1 × 0.2 in

50 Leaves per booklet

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Debbie Francisco

will never go back to the other ones i was using before these! they burn so nice and look pretty too!!

Kyah Imani Black

Pink is legit my favorite color and I'm always ready to smoke so this was literally perfect! I love things like this that cater to a more feminine eye! Will be purchasing more very soon

Ebony McRae
absolutely obsessed

they burn so slow & they’re adorable lmaoo never buying regular papers again

Apiphany Coles
Love them!!!

Love, love, loveeee ittt!!!!

Danielle Derosier

I first got these papers with a subscription box. They have become like a signature thing for me, pink papers always! I was getting nervous as I was nearing the end of my pack and stumbled across their TikTok. With much excitement, I rushed to their site and bought 2 more packs of papers and filters. Now my signature smoking aesthetic can live on! I will always buy these. They are fairly priced and came on time, with a cute little sticker bonus. LOVE YOU GUYS!