Pink Rolling Papers

Pink Rolling Papers


Proudly vegan and non-GMO, our Pink Rolling Papers are made in France using premium materials that deliver a high quality slow burn with no aftertaste!

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More Bang Per Book

At 50 Leaves per booklet, we are almost DOUBLE the industry average of 32 papers per booklet.

Need Filter Tips?

Our naturally dyed tips are made from the same quality sourced materials as our famous rolling papers. Pair them with a pack of our vegan papers and enjoy a higher experience than ever before.

Additional information

Weight0.01 lbs
Dimensions3 × 1.25 × 0.2 in

50 leaves per booklet

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Beautiful. Great Quality. So Fun.

I bought these as a gift for my kids dad. He is the smoker between the two of us and I thought they were cool, as I have never seen pink papers in our little town here. They were easy to roll. Durable. And just over all a great quality.

10/10 recommend if you are in the market for good quality papers. And these have a little extra fun with the color of them

Love them

I love these papers. They burn smooth and have zero taste. They are now a part of my go to.

Best Papers

LOVE these papers. As someone who loves pink, it was an easy buy, but the quality and price is pretty unbeatable in my opinion! Won't go back to anything else.

Best Papers!

I usually get a headache when smoking with certain papers and I so desperately missed it. I went searching and had seen a mom brag on how wonderful the cones were, I ordered three books of papers just in case I didn't like them I wasn't out too much money. Anyways, I love them! Zero taste added and LOVE that it's slow burn helps prevents runs so far. Gonna order a box of these soon!

So Happy!!

I just received my pink rolling papers and beautiful rose gold tray...better than I'd hoped!
Thanks Blazysusan 💗💗💗💗