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Why We Love Being Part of the Denver Community

To put it lightly, this year has been challenging for everyone. Not only have we all been affected in our personal lives, but our professional lives have been greatly impacted as well.
However, at the end of the day, we really can’t complain too much – thanks to you all, we’ve still been growing as a business this year and have been able to continue to do business as usual more or less. Fortunately, our small staff’s hours and pay have not been affected, and we’ve still been able to safely work every day and continue to do what we love.
That being said, there’s been one major impact to our business that does have us very down – not being able to be out and about interacting with the community we love so much. While our online community of #BlazyGang members have still been going as hard as ever and have continued to give us so much love and support, we haven’t been able to do the in-person events that we love so much. Denver has always been such an inspiring and supportive community for us, and we miss being out and about with you all dearly.
For us at Blazy, living and working in Denver is an absolute privilege and dream come true. Some of us are from Colorado, and some of us uprooted our lives from various corners of the country to come here. However, one thing unites us all: our love and dedication to our local Denver community. Different things brought us together, but we all chose to be here because we saw something special going on.
Denver is truly one of a kind – it’s become a city of transplants, but there’s still a certain Wild West sensibility that runs deep here. It’s a city where fiercely loyal locals live and work side by side with others who have come out here with nothing but hope and ambition. One way or another, we’ve all found ourselves entrenched in the Denver cannabis community – and we absolutely love it!

Whether it’s the bustling trade show floors of Indo Expo or the NoCo Hemp Expo, a chilled out Saturday night sesh at Tetra Lounge, or dropping by The Coffee Joint with a paper delivery, interacting with the Denver scene is easily one of our favorite parts of what we do. We’ve been sorely missing it this year. Blazy Susan started as a grassroots movement here in Denver, and we feel like we’re missing a part of who we are without being able to get out in the streets and see the Blazy Gang face to face.

Denver is such a special place to be in general, let alone when you’re starting up a business in the cannabis industry. We’ve garnered so much genuine love and support from the local scene – at times, it’s literally unbelievable. This is a town of movers and shakers, entrepreneurs and hustlers. If you come in with bad intentions or if you aren’t authentic, people will notice you and call you out on it. However, if you are doing something fresh, innovative, and real, people will latch on and enthusiastically support you.

This post might seem like we’re rambling a bit (we are) and might seem like it is a little pointless (it kind of is). All we’re really trying to say is that WE MISS YOU, DENVER! We are so ready to see all of your beautiful smiling faces as soon as it is safe to do so. Once we are able to, we’re going to take things to the next level here locally in Denver and the rest of Colorado.

What does that look like? Well, we’re still a ways away from anything like this, but here’s what we have in mind so far:
  • More in-person Blazy Susan events than ever before – that means more free stuff to give away too!
  • More collaborations with local Denver businesses – not just in the cannabis industry, but creative collabs with businesses in other industries as well.
  • More sponsorships of local events (again, this means more freebies for you).
  • More content creation with Denver and Colorado content creators in the industry.
  • Cool marketing activations throughout the local Denver market – we may or may not have our hearts set on a Blazy billboard one day!
  • More giving to Denver and Colorado charities – we have another big Breast Cancer Awareness and Research initiative coming this October, but we want to find more ways to get involved all year long.
  • More jobs for Denver locals as the business continues to grow.
  • Collaborations with Denver artists – we have some really cool ideas in mind, so stay tuned.
Of course, we can’t wait to get back out to concerts and the ski slopes too – things that nearly every person in Denver is missing right now. We want to make one thing clear, though: we don’t want things to go back to “normal”…
We want things to be better than normal! Our city, and our society as a whole, is going through an insanely turbulent and troubling time right now. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been directly impacted by what’s been going on this year, sincerely. There are so many things out there that are more important than our business and our fun here in Denver, and we’re well aware of that. We at Blazy believe that our Denver community, and our country as a whole can use this time to come together, and emerge from this year stronger and more connected than ever before. We’re optimistic that we can all persevere through this and come out better than ever on the other side.
From the bottom of our hearts – we love you, Denver, and we love you, Blazy Gang! You genuinely matter so much to us . Please do your best to stay happy and stay safe. We can’t wait to see you again soon!

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