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A Guide to Blazy Susan’s Pre-Rolled Cone Sizes

A Guide to Blazy Susan's Pre-Rolled Cone Sizes for Every Occasion

As the landscape of smoking accessories continues to evolve, Blazy Susan stands at the forefront of innovation and quality of pre-rolled cones, particularly with their latest addition, the “Queen Size” pre-rolled cones. This expansion into a broader range of sizes underscores Blazy Susan’s commitment to catering to diverse preferences and occasions. From the compact Shorty to the regal Queen Size, there’s a Blazy Susan cone for every smoker’s need. Let’s delve into the specifics of each size and explore which might be the perfect fit for your next session.

The Shorty: 53mm

Starting with the smallest of the lineup, the Shorty, measuring at a mere 53mm, is the quintessential choice for those seeking a quick, solo smoke. Its compact size makes it ideal for a brief pause in your day, akin to a coffee break. The Shorty is perfect for conserving your stash or when you’re pressed for time but need a moment of solace.

The 1 and ¼: 78mm

A step up from the Shorty, the 1 and ¼ cone stretches to 78mm, offering a bit more without tipping into excess. This size is fantastic for individual smokers who prefer a longer session or for sharing between two friends. The 1 and ¼ is your go-to for a personal evening unwind or a small, intimate gathering, providing just the right amount for enjoyment without overcommitment.

The 98mm Cone

As we move to the middle of the pack, the 98mm cone finds its niche perfectly. It’s the ideal balance for those who find the 1 and ¼ slightly lacking but aren’t quite ready to step up to the larger sizes. This cone is suitable for a small group, offering enough to go around without overstaying its welcome. Whether it’s a casual meetup or a prelude to an evening out, the 98mm cone stands ready to accommodate.

The King Size: 110mm

The King Size, coming in at 110mm, commands respect. It’s designed for smokers who are looking for a session that’s a bit more substantial, whether that’s for longer personal enjoyment or for sharing amongst a small party. The King Size is particularly fitting for social gatherings or special occasions where you’re looking to extend the experience and savor the moment.

The Queen Size: 120mm

Finally, we arrive at the majestic Queen Size, Blazy Susan’s latest offering, which measures an impressive 120mm. This size is a statement, perfect for larger gatherings, parties, or celebrations where sharing is part of the joy. The Queen Size ensures that everyone gets a turn, promoting a communal vibe that’s hard to beat. It’s the ultimate choice for those who want to make their smoking session a centerpiece of the occasion.

Cone size comparison chart

Choosing the Right Size for the Occasion

Selecting the right pre-rolled cone size depends on several factors, including the number of participants, the duration of your session, and personal preference. Here are a few suggested occasions for each size:

  • Shorty (53mm): Ideal for quick, solo breaks. Perfect for a solitary moment of reflection or a brief escape.
  • 1 and ¼ (78mm): Best suited for personal use or sharing with a close friend. Great for a relaxed evening at home.
  • 98mm Cone: The middle ground for small groups or those who want a bit more than the 1 and ¼. Fits casual gatherings or a warm-up for the night.
  • King Size (110mm): Aimed at social smokers or small parties. It’s the choice for extended sessions or special occasions with close friends.
  • Queen Size (120mm): The go-to for large gatherings, celebrations, and parties where sharing is the essence of the experience.


Blazy Susan’s comprehensive range of pre-rolled cones ensures that there’s a perfect match for every smoker and every occasion. From the discreet Shorty to the generous Queen Size, choosing the right cone can enhance your smoking experience, tailoring it to fit the moment’s needs. Whether you’re a solitary smoker or someone who loves to share, there’s a Blazy Susan cone that’s just right for you. Explore the sizes, embrace the moments, and find your perfect match in Blazy Susan’s premium selection.

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