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How Tight Should I Pack My Joint?

How Tight Should I Pack My Joint?

Rolling a joint is an art. This is something we touched on in our blog post: How to Roll a Classic Joint, but we wanted to expand a little on rolling your joint because we want you to get the most out of your bud. This time we are going to focus on how tight […]

Purple Papers- Are Rolling papers Biodegradable

Are Rolling Papers Biodegradable

Smoking a joint can be a perfect treat for the day, and of course your flower is the star of the show. The rolling papers you choose can make all the difference. That’s why all of Blazy Susan’s rolling papers are made from all natural vegan ingredients. The harsh chemicals and bleaches used in most […]

new line oPurple Rolling Papers and Pre Rollsf rolling papers, our purple rolling papers and purple pre rolled cones.

Product Launch – Purple Rolling Papers and Pre Rolls

Here at Blazy Susan, one of the things we are known the world over is for our pink rolling papers. The Pink papers have been iconic over the years, specifically because the are organic, and non gmo, translating to a smooth even burn of your rolled joint. Now, we are introducing our new line of […]

Birch Half Moon Tray

Product Launch – Half Moon Rolling Trays

Blazy Susan is always looking to innovate and develop new ways to help our fellow connoisseurs. Our signature Blazy Susan spinning rolling trays are perfect for your coffee table, but they might take up too much room folks on-the-go. So, we decided to build a compact version that offers the same organization of our spinning […]

Customizable Dab Mats

New Merch – Customizable Dab Mats

We at Blazy know dabbers are looking for new ways to customize their dabbing accessories to show off their personality and style. Because of that, we always strive to develop and test out new products that will elevate your dabbing experience. With that in mind, we are proud to announce the launch of our new […]

Joints vs Bowls – Which is Better

Those who smoke will know there are a few different ways to get the high you’re looking for, including rolling a j or grinding up a bowl. If you’re curious, but have never rolled a joint before (or are too scared to try) we have a great guide on how to roll up a classic […]

Enhance Your Smoking Sesh with Blazy Susan

Enhance Your Smoking Sesh with Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan has grown into a popular brand best known for its premium smoking accessories and rolling papers.  The secret to our success is simple: we consistently focus on creating quality smoking accessories. Blazy Susan smoking accessories are created by smokers and dabbers for smokers and dabbers, so when you buy from Blazy Susan, you […]

Blazy Susan Dab Tool

Is a Dab Tool Necessary?

If you are new to the world of dabbing or are curious about how it works, you might have heard of a dab tool or dabber. A dab tool is a simple device used for handling and applying concentrates. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what dabbing is how the dab tool works, […]

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