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How To Roll with Pre-Rolled Cones

Blazy Susan Pre Rolled Cones

Here at Blazy Susan, we believe in providing something for every type of smoker. If you want to enjoy smoking your flower but can’t roll a classic joint (or you’re feeling lazy), the good news is there is a perfect solution out there for you! Sure, you could use a bong or pipe, but pre-rolled cones are the easiest and most portable option for those who want to blaze without the hassle of trying to roll one manually. That is why we are going to teach you how to roll with pre rolled cones.

The Benefits of Pre-Rolled Cones

In three convenient steps, you can go from having a pink pre-rolled cone in one hand and your herb in another, to having the perfect joint ready to light and enjoy!

What you’ll need:


Prep Your Herb

Using a rolling tray or clean surface, you will need to prep your herb. We suggest using a grinder to help break the flower down to smaller chunks. Put a few nugs of your favorite strain into the grinder (preferably a 4-piece grinder, but any will do) and break the buds down to a fluffy and semi-leafy consistency. You do want to be careful of your grind – if it’s too fine, then the pre-roll can become clogged and hard to smoke, whereas if the grind is too coarse, then the joint can become floppy and burn out too quickly. Grinding the product creates a better texture for pressing up against the pink paper. If you don’t have a grinder, just use your pointer finger and thumb to gently crush the bud. Pull out any stems and seeds and break it down to smaller pieces.


Packing Your Cone

Our Blazy Pink Pre-Rolled Cones come with eco-friendly pink straws to make packing them even easier. If you happen to lose your straw (a good reason to keep your stuff organized with our Blazy Susan rolling trays) you can find something thin and long like a chopstick or pencil eraser to pack your bud. Now some may ask, why pack it in the first place? Why not just fill, light up and go? Packing the pre-roll cone will prevent any gaps or unfilled portions of the paper. Your flower may shift in the pre-roll causing a lopsided joint and causing an uneven burn.

To pack your pre-roll properly, put a small amount of flower into the bottom of the paper and pack it down using the straw. This will help get you started. Then fill little by little, packing along the way. Be careful not to pack it too tight to where air can’t get through – whereas packing it too loose burns too quickly and unevenly. To test how tight you are packing, use your pointer finger and thumb to lightly check the fullness as you pack it. Make sure you leave about a quarter inch from the top free so you can seal it off.


Twist and Light

The empty top portion of your cone (that quarter inch or so that we just mentioned) is so that you can properly seal off the pre-roll cone. Twist that part between your thumb and pointer finger in one direction so that it rolls up into the shape of a candle wick. Perfect! Light the wick and let it catch for a moment so that the top of the pre-roll burns. Now you’re ready to sit back and enjoy your joint!

Whether it’s with  pre-rolls or classic papers, we try to provide a rolling paper option for every smoker. Have an idea for another paper we should make? Go tag us on Twitter at @blazy_susan and let us know!

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