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Pre-Rolled Cones Now Available in the UK

Blazy Susan Pre-rolled Cones

Blazy Susan is a premium smoking accessories and smoking products outfitter based in Denver, Colorado. After much demand, we’re proud to announce that one of our best selling products, our Blazy Susan Pre Rolled Cones, are now available in the UK. 

Our friends across the pond now have access to one of our most popular Blazy products, and we’re thrilled about it!

What Is A Pre Rolled Cone?

What is a Pre Rolled Cone? Pre-rolled cones are paper cones that have already been rolled for you to help speed up your smoking experience. They come in a uniform and sturdy cone shape with a paper filter already stuffed in there for you. All you need to do is stuff them with your favorite flower, and you’re good to go! These are perfect for those of us that do know how to roll a perfect joint, or for people that are in a hurry. Some people just prefer the way they smoke in general as well.

Pre Rolled Cones Popularity in UK and Europe

Why are pre rolled cones so popular in Europe? Well for one, they’re fast and efficient to fill – this makes them great for traveling around Europe on the go. They’re very convenient for rolling spliffs as well. Just mix up your tobacco with your flower, and stuff it all in the cone together. You’ll have a perfect spliff in no time. Don’t forget, the cones are pre rolled with filter tips so you don’t need to worry about sucking down any crumbs or particles. Blazy cones make an absolutely great gift for the holidays, or if you’re on holiday with friends and family!

How to Smoke a Pre Rolled Cone

You may be wondering, how do I smoke a pre rolled cone? Well, it’s really simple:

  1. Grind up your herb
  2. Start filling the cone and use the included paper straw to pack it down
  3. Adjust the herb levels according to your need, and roll/squeeze it around with your fingers to get an even consistency
  4. Twist the open end closed
  5. Spark it up
  6. Enjoy!

Enjoy Your Pre Rolled Cone

Blazy Susan Pink Pre Rolled cones are the perfect blend of convenience and style for your next smoke sesh. Pick up some Pre Rolled Cones today – and don’t forget, use the code first15 for 15% off your first order with Blazy Susan! Happy smoking!

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That’s it for us! As always, if you have any questions about the Pre Rolled Cones or anything else Blazy-related, feel free to email us at he**@bl********.com.

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