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How to Clean Your Grinder

One of our premium smoking accessories, the Blazy 4-piece grinder is your tool of choice to get that perfect grind every time. But, like any good tool, to keep it performing at its best you should be cleaning it regularly. A dirty grinder can become difficult to operate as gunk, residue, and debris from your herb build up over time.  By properly maintaining your grinder, you’ll get a smoother, more consistent grind that twists and turns without resistance.

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But grinder maintenance is not just about the grind. It’s about your health.

A clean grinder is better for your health. Your herb is an organic material and like any organic material it can mold and grow bacteria over time. Nobody wants to smoke mold or bacteria. Getting the wrong kind of bacteria in your lungs can cause a serious infection and possibly bacterial pneumonia. Keeping your grinder clean helps to keep your lungs clean.

It’s also about taste and flavor.

The residue from old herb can affect the taste and flavor of your smoke. If you’re sampling different strains, your palette would be thrown off and you would be missing all those uniquely tasty terpenes.

Cleaning Your Grinder.

Things you will need to clean your Blazy grinder.

  • A Rolling Tray or paper plate to catch loose debris.
  • Cotton buds and toothpicks to get into hard-to-reach areas.
  • Toothbrush or paintbrush to clean the grinder.
  • Paper towels to set the grinder on for cleaning.
  • Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning metal grinders.
Blazy Susan Aluminum Grinders

How to Clean Your Blazy Grinder

Step 1: Disassemble Your Grinder

Take apart the four pieces of your Blazy grinder and place everything on a rolling tray.

Step 2: Remove Debris From Your Grinder

Take your toothbrush/paint brush/pick and begin scraping the residue from the larger pieces of your grinder. Make sure to save your kief! That will be a bonus for your next bowl. You should be gently scraping the screen part of your grinder, being careful not to accidentally poke any holes in the screen. 

Step 3: Set and Spray

Once you’ve scraped your grinder clean and saved any part of the crumbs you want, set your pieces on a paper towel. Spray all the parts, the screens, the chambers, and the lid with Isopropyl alcohol. An alternative method is to place all your parts in a Ziplock bag filled with Isopropyl alcohol and a tablespoon of salt. Next take the bag and swish the whole thing around for 30 seconds to a minute.


Step 4: Deep Clean

After cleaning the pieces of your grinder with Isopropyl alcohol, use the toothbrush to brush the parts of the grinder, making sure the mesh screens in particular are properly cleaned.

Step 5: Rinse, dry and reassemble.

After all your pieces have been thoroughly cleaned, rinse everything under warm water. Set the parts aside and let them dry. After the parts are completely dry, reassemble your Blazy 4-piece grinder. 

Step 6: Lube it up!

Add a very small amount of hemp or olive oil to the outside rim of the tooth section of the grinder (where the lid sits) and spin your grinder lid a few times to distribute. This will keep your Blazy 4-piece grinder silky smooth until your next cleaning! Just be sure to avoid getting any oil inside the grinder as this could affect the taste of your herb.

We recommend to clean your grinder at least once every couple of months to help extend the life of your Blazy 4-piece grinder, while getting that perfect grind every time! Stay Blazy!

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