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Frequently Asked Questions About Rolling Trays

Frequently Asked Questions About Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are a great resource for your smoking sesh. We have covered the benefits of a rolling tray before. However, we have noticed that there are a few questions that still linger about like smoke in the room. So, we wanted to clear the air and answer some frequently asked questions about rolling trays.

What is the Point of a Rolling Tray?

In a nutshell, rolling trays help organize ground up herb in a safe and easy-to-pick-up way. It can be hard to do this on a surface like a tabletop or plate. Your basic rolling tray has raised edges, so it’s easy to gather you herb in place and not waste it.  We cover this extensively in our post: Benefits of a Rolling Tray, if you want to learn more.

What is the Best Material for a Rolling Tray?

First of all, materials you don’t really want is anything fragile, like glass or ceramic. There are glass rolling trays out there, but if you drop them, they can shatter. Many rolling trays are made out of many different materials, like plastic, bamboo, tin, and aluminum. Our stainless-steel rolling tray has always been a popular choice. We also have super strong hemp plastic rolling trays. Wooden rolling trays like our Cherry Wood Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray are a great choice because they are durable, look elegant and are easy to clean. Whichever rolling tray you choose, always go for a tray with a smooth surface so your herb won’t stick.

How Deep Should a Rolling Tray Be?

You want a rolling tray with high enough edges so you can use those edges to gather your herbs. For example, our hemp plastic rolling tray is about an inch deep.

What is the Best Size for a Rolling Tray?

This really depends on your use case. If you roll several joints at a time, you want a larger rolling tray. This is usually recommended if you are doing something like hosting a large party. For personal use or small gathering, a medium or small tray is recommended. Medium trays like our stainless-steel tray that is 9.25×7. Our walnut flight pads are 8×6.5

One thing to also consider about size, is whether you want to be able to throw your rolling tray in a messenger bag or backpack and travel with it. Large rolling trays can be hard to travel with whereas small and medium size trays you can take with you on the go.

What Are the Holes in a Rolling Tray For?

Some rolling trays have holes. The holes are so you can keep your rolled joints or pre rolled cones upright and safe.

Which is Better, A Rolling Tray With or Without Compartments?

This is kind of like the “To be, or not to be? That is the question” question. It depends on your particular use case. Some, like just mentioned, have holes. You can have ones with grinder cutouts, lighter holes, rolling paper slots and more! Our Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray is a perfect organizer for all your smoking accessories. Yet, if you want something simple and easy to deal with and maybe even travel with, a rolling tray that is smooth with flat surface and deep sidewalls like our stainless-steel tray will do.

Is a Rolling Tray Easy to Clean?

The exact answer depends on what your rolling tray is made from, yet the general answer is yes, rolling trays can be easy to clean. To learn more about cleaning rolling trays, see our post: Cleaning Your Rolling Tray.


We hope this answered any questions you have about rolling trays. If you have a question we have not covered yet, post it on social media with the hashtag #blazysusan, and someone from our lovely community can help you out.

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