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Is it Worth it to Buy a Four-Piece Grinder?

is it worth it to buy a four-piece grinder

If you ask smokers, many will tell you there is nothing better than hitting that perfect joint. Part of what goes into that experience is in how you roll the joint. If you are not sure how, we have a great blog on how to roll a classic joint. How even your herb is ground in that joint has an effect on how even of a hit you get, and how your joint burns. One good way to make sure that all your herb is even is with a grinder. You have both what’s called a three piece and four-piece grinder. Here at Blazy, our grinders are four-piece grinders. For those asking, is it worth it to buy a four-piece grinder over a three piece, or just not getting one? We say it is, and here is why.

What is a Grinder?

Let’s take a step back and go into what is a grinder. Regardless of how you do it, your herb usually needs to be broken up in order to be added to your joint. A grinder is a tool used to break up your herb evenly, so you are not adding big and little chunks of your herb to the joint. That equals a smoother, more even burn. One reason to use a grinder is that they help keep those trichomes, the sticky substance in the outside of the herb intact. This is something you lose when you use your fingers, scissors, knives, or household appliances to break up your weed. Those in itself, makes a great case to buying a grinder.

What is a Four Piece Grinder?

A four-piece grinder is three-piece grinder leveled up. A three-piece grinder has a lid that may have teeth or pegs for grinding, and a grinding chamber that has holes in the bottom for ground-up pieces to fall through, and a collection chamber, from where you collect your final product. What’s the added extra piece that makes a three-piece grinder level up to a four piece? Four-piece grinders have a kief chamber that resides beneath a fine screen that catches the kief.

What is Kief?

Not everyone has heard of kief. Kief is the cannabis flower’s most potent part, containing a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes in its tiny, sticky crystals. Kief looks like dust and is sometimes called pollen. In short, kief is potent, and versatile. It can be added to your joint for an added extra kick, just mix a pinch of kief with your flower before rolling up your joint. If want to use your Kief in other ways, you could use it in an edible.   

Closing Argument on Four-Piece Grinders

Let’s start with should you get a grinder? The answer is a resounding yes. Even a novice at rolling joints should be using a grinder. It gives you even bits of herb to pack into your joint. If you are unsure of how tight to pack your joint, read our piece on How Tight Should I Pack My Joint? Bonus benefit to grinders, if you need to take your herb to go, you can grind it up, leave the lid closed, throw the grinder in a smell proof bag and you’re good to go! Now, is it worth it to buy a four-piece grinder? Our answer is yes! With a Kief catcher at the bottom, you can catch and use the most potent part of the plant and give your joints a little extra spark.

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