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Blazy Susan Pre-Roller Filter Tips

Spring and summer are here, and that means a lot of you are traveling about. This includes those vacations and adventures some of you have been dreaming about since before the last blast of winter. For you blazers out there, that can mean figuring out how to smoke on the go and what to take. Whether you are out on your next adventure, or life has just sped up on you, we have 5 smoking accessories, from small rolling trays to our new cones, that will help smoking on the go easier than ever!

Walnut Flight Pad – Small

Walnut Flight Pad Small

The Blazy Susan Walnut Flight Pad Small is an excellent smoking accessory for those on the go due to its compact design and functionality. It is handcrafted from walnut, giving it a durable and stylish appearance. The tray includes a slot for a lighter and a large cone holder, making it convenient for quick setups anywhere. Its size allows it to fit easily into bags and even integrates seamlessly with the center of a Blazy Susan rolling tray, making it a versatile addition to any travel kit. This accessory simplifies the process of rolling and smoking while traveling, ensuring everything needed is organized and accessible.

Tea Leaf Cones

Tea Leaf Cones 2-Pack

The Blazy Susan Tea Leaf Cones are an ideal choice for vacation or on-the-go use due to their convenience and unique composition. Made with natural ingredients like black tea leaf, chamomile, and cacao, these cones are tobacco and nicotine-free, offering a unique and pleasant smoking experience. They are pre-rolled, saving time and effort in preparing to smoke. Their slow-burning properties ensure a lasting experience, and the vegan-friendly material makes them suitable for a wide range of users. This makes them not only a healthier choice but also a hassle-free option for travel.

25 Count Jar of Queen Size Pre Rolled Cones

Family Queen Size Cones 25ct

The Blazy Susan Queen Size Pre-Rolled Cones Jar is a perfect on-the-go smoking accessory due to its convenience and portability. Each jar contains 25 queen-sized cones, which are ultra-thin, GMO-free, and vegan, ensuring a natural smoking experience. The pre-rolled feature eliminates the hassle of rolling, making it easier to use while traveling. Additionally, the reusable jar provides secure and discreet storage, keeping the cones safe and intact during your travels. This makes it an excellent choice for those who value both quality and convenience in their smoking accessories.

Blazy Filter Tips

Pink Activated Carbon Filter Tips | Xtra Slim | 100ct Jar

The Blazy Susan Filter Tips are a great on-the-go smoking accessory due to their practicality and convenience. These tips are perforated, making them easy to fold and roll into your desired shape, ensuring a better smoking experience by preventing material from entering your mouth. They come in a compact booklet that is easy to carry, allowing for quick and efficient setup wherever you are. Their choice of fun colors like pink, purple, and natural unbleached options also add a personalized touch to your smoking sessions.

Unbleached Deluxe Rolling Kit

Unbleached Deluxe Rolling Kit | 1-1/4"

The Blazy Susan Unbleached Deluxe Rolling Kit is an outstanding on-the-go smoking accessory due to its comprehensive design and convenience. This kit includes 32 1-1/4″ size rolling papers, a stack of filter tips, and a mini rolling tray, all packed into one portable package. The built-in tray is especially useful for when you don’t have an optimal surface to roll on, making it easier to manage your materials and keep everything tidy while traveling. Its compactness and all-in-one features make it the perfect choice for those who need to roll their smoke quickly and efficiently wherever they go.

These are just 5 of the smoking accessories that will make your life easier. No matter how fast life gets, or what your next adventure is, Blazy has a vast array of smoking accessories that will make smoking on the go a much more pleasurable experience. Use the hashtag #Blazy on social media and tell us which smoking accessory has made your busy life or adventure easier. We look forward to seeing those posts and stay Blazy!

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