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Dabbing vs Smoking

dabbing vs smoking

What’s the difference between dabbing and smoking? Both methods are popular, but how do you know which one is right for you? To help you sort it all out, we’re going to break down all the key differences in our latest Blazy blog: dabbing versus smoking!

Dabbing and Smoking Explained


While dabbing has been around for several years, it’s still fairly new compared to traditional smoking. Dabs are a form of highly concentrated and potent oil or resin that is typically vaporized. Dabs are also known as oils, concentrates, shatter, rosin, and live resin. You can consume these concentrates via a dab pen, similar to the vaporizers (vapes) used for tobacco. You can also use a specialized water pipe called a dab rig.  Dab rigs give you a super smooth hit by inhaling the concentrates through water, filtering out unwanted smoke and leaving you with a pure THC experience.

Traditional Smoking

Traditional smoking is done with dry herb by igniting your flower and inhaling the smoke. There are several ways to smoke your dry herb – You can use rolling papers, pre rolled cones, or a glass pipe to pack some herb into a bowl or pipe. People also enjoy using water bongs for a smoother rip via water filtration.

The Main Differences Between Dabbing and Smoking

Dry flower will be much lower in THC versus dabs, which are concentrated extracts with much more potent effects. Dabs are infamous for getting you much higher much quicker versus dry flower. With dabbing if you are not careful and consume too much concentrate without developing a tolerance, you may be in for a rough time.

Some dabbers will also say it’s safer than smoking your traditional blunts and bowls due to lack of combustion. Dabbers do have a point when it comes to health risks associated with smoking certain papers or blunts. If you are not using a clean rolling paper like our Blazy Rolling papers, you could be breathing in harmful chemicals and toxins. Make sure you’re buying from a company who is transparent about what their paper is made out of and where it comes from!

Tolerance and Preference

It really comes down to your personal taste, tolerance, and preference. Dabs are much more potent than dry flower, so it’s good to know your tolerance and what effect you are looking for. Like anything else you consume, the more you consume the more your body gets a tolerance to the substance – Meaning it may take more to reach the desired effect.

Depending on how you are consuming your herb and when, you may not want the potent strength of dabs. For example, most people probably would not want to dab right before a high-profile meeting or job interview!  When you combine the right dry herb, perfect smoking accessories and a few friends, traditional herb might be the perfect remedy. Not to mention the ease of using pre rolls can make just about any time smoking time!

Ultimately, it’s a personal choice of what works best for you. We have both dabbing accessories and smoking accessories to fit your lifestyle!

Give us a follow, tag us in pictures from your smoke or dab sesh, and let us know which you prefer. As always, Stay Blazy!

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