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How to Roll a Classic Joint

King Size Unbleached Rolling Papers

You’ve probably seen pictures of some impeccably-rolled joints floating around the internet. You’ve maybe even been fortunate enough to smoke one of these pieces of smokable art. However, let’s face it: not everyone can roll a pretty joint. And guess what? That’s perfectly ok! Noone should be shamed for their rolling skills; some people have disabilities that prevent them from rolling. Some people just lack the dexterity. Others simply haven’t taken the time to learn this skill. In our book, that’s completely fine!

However, if you still love to smoke joints and don’t have a buddy to roll them up for you, you might be curious about some easy ways to roll a joint. Blazy Susan is here to help and teach you how to roll a classic joint! 

Practice, Practice, Practice

Now this may seem like a no-brainer, but rolling a perfect joint requires practice. You more than likely aren’t going to roll a perfect joint on your first try. If you ask any virtuoso joint roller how they got so good, they’ll probably tell you they rolled a ton of not-so-good ones before they reached expert level.Spend an hour or two working on your craft! If you don’t have a ton of spare flower laying around waiting to be rolled up, practice by using a different herb like loose tobacco, oregano, or another kitchen herb. Hone your skills on your own at home, so at your next session you have more confidence in your abilities.

Try a Different Method

You know the old saying: there’s more than one way to skin a cat (gross, we know). The same goes for joints. There’s endless ways to roll up!

One of the easier methods that works well for tons of people is the “boat” method. Here’s a little step by step guide to get you started:


Twist up one end of the paper.

This creates your “boat” and will make it so that when you fill the rolling paper up with herb, it won’t fall out of that end.


Roll up a filter tip.

Using one of our Blazy Susan Filter Tips, fold it back and forth a few times, very tightly (it will naturally loosen a bit when you put it in the joint). We recommend folding it on itself 3 times, with each fold being around a millimeter long. This part might take a bit of practice as well.


Fill the paper up with herb.

Try putting a little extra in the middle, so that when you roll it naturally will empty towards the ends. Then, set your rolled filter tip on the opposite end of the twist you made before.


Roll up!

With the twist on one end and the filter on the other, you shouldn’t have to worry as much about your herb falling out the ends. Roll the paper back and forth until you get it to tuck under your flower. Once you have the tuck, you can twist the whole thing up to the top. You might want to poke the filter in a bit as well to make it tighter. Don’t worry if you have to cut or rip a little excess paper off the end!

After that, you should be good to burn! Like any new skill, this will probably take some practice as well – if your first few turn out terrible, that’s totally fine. Don’t get discouraged, just keep on rolling! (Here’s a video that breaks it down a bit further: – his order of operations is slightly different, but you’ll figure out what works best for you!)

Use Cones

If you’ve tried and tried but you just can’t figure out how to roll, we have a solution for you – Blazy Susan Pre Rolled Cones! Cones are extremely simple, and burn just as well as any hand rolled joints (well, ours do anyway!). Get yourself a pack of cones, and get to stuffing. You’ll be smoking perfect joints in no time! Blazy offers cones in a variety of colors, including our classic brown cones and our world-famous pink cones! How cute is that?

What’s your favorite method to roll a joint? Do you have a tried and true technique that you’re proud of? Take a picture and tag us @blazysusan or @blazybrands so we can check it out! Don’t forget to Stay Blazy, and always Smoke Pink!

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