Bamboo Rolling Machine | 110mm


Having trouble rolling by hand? Don’t struggle with your joints any longer! Blazy Susan’s Bamboo Rolling Machine helps you pack and roll the perfect j every time.

Simply place your paper or wrap onto the rolling mat, load your material (not too full!), close the sliding dowl and roll your paper through the machine until you’re left with the gum line sticking out. Apply moisture to your gum line and finish rolling through to seal everything up. Open the sliding dowel and toke away! Add a Purize Activated Carbon Tip to really take your joint to the next level.

Made from sturdy, sustainable bamboo. Available in 78mm and 110mm sizes.

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Bamboo Rolling Machine | 110mm
Bamboo Rolling Machine | 110mm $9.99
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    Dimensions5 × 1.125 × 1.25 in