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Blazy 101: Smoking Etiquette

Welcome back to another installment of our Blazy 101 series! This time, we’ll be talking about something that every stoner should know about – smoking etiquette.
While unwritten rules and social norms will vary geographically and culturally, there are a few major points you’ll want to know as a new smoker before you go to a big sesh (once it’s safe to do so, of course)
Blazy Susan Smoking Etiquette

Come Prepared!

This is our first point because it is one of the most important. If you’re going to a gathering where smoking is the main event, you won’t want to show up empty handed. Usually, everyone is expected to contribute in some way. This doesn’t mean that every single person needs to pull up with some top shelf herb – though that is always nice – but you should usually at least contribute something to the party. If you don’t have green, bring a bunch of rolling papers or a glass piece maybe. Any useful smoking accessories are acceptable. You could even bring munchies and drinks for the crew. Sometimes it’s nice to offer to chip in a few bucks if you’re burning heavy (Alexa, play “I Got 5 On it”!). If you’re someone who consistently shows up with nothing to offer, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually stop being invited back.


Puff, Puff, Pass

Even people who aren’t stoners are probably already aware of this one, but we’ll throw it in here anyways. Puff, puff, pass is the rule of thumb when smoking joints or blunts in a group. For those who don’t know, this means that when it is your turn, you take two hits then pass it. Some people prefer to always pass it to their left, but others don’t really care which way you pass, or will even play a game to decide which way it’s going. Probably the most common is the Cheech and Chong game. The person who lights it will say Cheech, and whoever responds with Chong first gets the joint passed in their direction. One alternative to puff, puff, pass is to smoke personal joints – our standard 1 ¼” rolling papers are perfect for persies!


Clean Up

No one likes hosting a sesh with all of their friends, only to be left with a wrecked living room after. We’ve all been known to make a mess when we’re lost in the fray of a heavy sesh, elbow deep in a bag of Doritos – but it’s almost 2021. Let’s clean up after ourselves! The easiest way to keep things clean is to get out ahead of the mess. Ashtrays and rolling trays are absolutely essential for this. By making sure you have at least one ashtray in the sesh, you’ll make sure no unwanted ash ends up in your carpet or in the weird, hard to clean crevices in your coffee table or floor. Rolling trays are great for keeping all of your flower contained to one area, rather than dealing with crumbs all over the place for weeks. Help pick up the ash, crumbs, and other debris after your next sesh – it will go a long way into keeping the place clean, and your friends will really appreciate it!

Smoking connoisseurs across the world, from Colorado to the UK, know that these are three of the most important things you can do as a smoker to make sure you’re being polite and considerate of your homies and their homes. As always, stay safe, and stay Blazy!

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