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Our High Roller Kits give you the power to pick the size of your papers every time you roll and are ideal for those who like to switch it up.  Whether it’s a personal joint after a long day or a 4/20 mega joint for you and your 10 closest stoner friends, the high roller kit has got you covered.  Each kit has a full set of perforated filter tips and an industry-high 8 meter roll of our signature Blazy Susan rolling paper making them perfect for creative rollers. Be sure to tag us when you finish your next smokable art piece!

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High Roller Kit Purple
High Roller Kit | Purple $7.99
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    new line oPurple Rolling Papers and Pre Rollsf rolling papers, our purple rolling papers and purple pre rolled cones.

    Roll up your way with our industry-leading 8 meter roll of our World Famous rolling paper! This kit includes a full set of filter tips as well. 

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