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What Are Dabs – Dabbing 101

What Are Dabs and How Do You Use Them?

Here at Blazy Susan, we’re all about advancing the culture. Part of that means making sure that the community has a reliable source for trustworthy and accurate information. You may think that everyone and their mother knows all about dabs by now, but many of our Blazy Gang members (especially folks who don’t live in legal states, and some of our friends across the pond in the UK) still aren’t familiar with dabs.

The purpose of this blog post is to give you an introductory course to dabs, the act of dabbing, different types of concentrates, and more. This post might be somewhat beginner-oriented, so if you already know all about dabs, feel free to pass this blog along to someone who doesn’t!Without further adieu, let’s talk terps! Don’t worry – we’ll cover those too!

What is Dabbing?

Let’s start at the very beginning – what are dabs, and what is dabbing? Your only knowledge of dabbing so far might be the dance move that swept the nation a few years ago. While our type of dabs might make you a little more ready to do those dabs, they are not directly related! Dabs (aka oil, concentrates, shatter, rosin, live resin) are a highly concentrated form of the flower that you typically smoke. There are quite a few different ways that people produce dabs, but the fundamental concept is the same with all different varieties – the active component of the flower is removed from the flower material, and is turned into a highly concentrated and potent oil or resin.

Dabbing is the act of consuming dabs. As you might expect, there are many ways to take a dab. Whether it is the traditional way of heating a dab nail (usually made of quartz) and hitting your dab through a water pipe, or the arguably more popular consumption of using a dab pen, there are many consumption methods when it comes to dabbing. We won’t get too in the weeds about how to actually take a dab – you can find countless tutorials and videos about it with a quick Google search!

What is the Benefit of Dabbing?

Now that we’ve covered what dabs actually are, let’s move on. You might be asking yourself, why do people dab, and what is the benefit of dabbing compared to smoking flower? First of all, dabs are normally VERY potent, especially when you compare them to flower. While flower normally comes in anywhere from 15-30% potency, dabs are regularly over 70% or higher. This means that one good dab will hit you way harder than smoking flower. Some people say that one dab can equal the same effects of smoking an entire joint to yourself!

This brings us to our next point about dabbing, and another reason why people love it so much. They are super quick and convenient compared to smoking flower, especially when you’re on the go. If you’re living in a legal state, a dab pen can be a perfect option if you just want a quick buzz while on the move or before you leave the house. Dab pens are probably the most simple and easy to use consumption method, other than edibles.

Finally, many concentrate connoisseurs prefer oil and dabs to flower because the actual experience of dabbing is more enjoyable to them. Many people find that they like the flavor and aroma from dabs more than they do from burning a joint or smoking a pipe. Oftentimes, the terpenes of the strain you’re consuming are more noticeable and enjoyable. Terpenes are what gives the plant it’s flavor and smell, and even make an impact on the effects of what you’re consuming. Again, we won’t get too in depth on terpenes (aka terps) here – we’ll save that for a later blog post!

So, you’ve decided you want to try your first dab. What do you need to get started? First of all, you’ll need either a dab rig or a dab pen. While we don’t sell either of these things, the employees at your local dispensary, head shop, or smoke shop will most likely be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Then, of course, your dabs!

Dabbing Accessories

Once you have all of that, you may want to consider picking up some Blazy Susan Dabbing Accessories. We offer a wide variety of dab supplies for your ultimate dab set up! The first thing you should consider purchasing is our Blazy Susan Dab Tray. The dab tray was made for dabbers by dabbers. This all-in-one tray helps keep everything you need to dab in one convenient spot. Next, we suggest our Blazy Susan Cotton Buds. These are meant to clean your nail (aka banger) after each dab, to keep it nice and clean. This will lead to a more enjoyable dabbing experience for you and your friends.

Next, we recommend getting a Dab Pad, two or three Gold Dab Tools, and a Silicone Dab Station. Adding your dab station to your dab tray will ensure that you have a home for your dab rig, a few high-quality tools to hit your dabs with, and a place to put your tools and cotton buds. Last, once you have your concentrates, you will want a place to store them in. We suggest our  Blazy Susan dab jars! 

Although we recommend this setup to best enjoy your dabs, you definitely don’t need to get too crazy with it as a beginner. The world of dabs can be intimidating to enter, especially if you’re only used to traditional smoking methods. A great starting point could be a simple dab pen – they even make disposable ones! Again, ask your local dispensary worker for their best advice on this one. We also recommend starting small when it comes to dabs. Like the old adage says, you can always take more, but you can’t take less! Start with a tiny dab or tiny hit from the dab pen, see how you feel, and go from there.

What Does 710 Mean?

You might have heard of 710 (referred to as “seven ten”) or seen that number referenced without knowing what it means. 710, 7:10, and 7/10 all refer to dabs and oil. If you look at the actual number 710 upside down, it looks like the word oil. 710 has kind of become the dabbing equivalent of 420 for this reason. People like to take their dabs at 7:10, and there are usually lots of industry events on July 10th for this reason. 710 is always a great time out here in Denver!

Final Thoughts

After taking in all of this new information, you’re pretty much good to go! One thing to keep in mind about dabs and concentrates is that they’re constantly evolving. As technology progresses and the industry continues to grow, new innovations in dabbing and dab technology are constantly being introduced to the market. The Blazy Susan team will do our best to keep you informed and in the loop – feel free to email us at he**@bl********.com with any questions as well. If you’re not already doing so, make sure to follow us on all social media channels too. Not only can we answer your questions, but we frequently repost other creators who have endless educational content about dabs and dabbing. We hope that this post was enough help to get you started on your dab adventures. Happy dabbing, and as always, Stay Blazy!

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