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Fun Things to Do While Blazing

Sometimes a life of being “busy” can suck creativity and leisure right out of you. Many of you turn your smoke sesh into a way to sit on the couch and take a break from the business of your everyday lives. Nothing is wrong with that for sure, however, we want to offer you some fun things to do while blazing. We have some ideas on how to enhance your leisure time with a touch of creativity and nature. Dive into these inspired suggestions that promise to elevate your experiences, making every puff an opportunity to discover, create, and explore.
museum with blazy susan

Visit an Art Museum

Visiting an art museum right after a smoke sesh (many museums will not let you smoke inside so pre rolls are perfect for this idea) can offer a uniquely enriching experience. As you meander through galleries, the enhanced sensory perception can deepen your appreciation for art, allowing you to notice subtle textures, colors, and emotional expressions you might otherwise miss. Imagine standing before a vibrant canvas, the swirling patterns and vivid hues resonating more profoundly as you’re attuned to each detail. This heightened awareness can transform a simple museum visit into an immersive journey through art and history, making each artwork come alive in new and unexpected ways. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or a casual visitor, combining these experiences can make for a memorable and introspective outing.

Painting while Blazing

Painting while blazing can unlock new dimensions of creativity and expression. As you engage with your canvas, the relaxing effects of a smoke sesh may help dissolve creative blocks, allowing your imagination to flow more freely. This can lead to the exploration of new techniques, the use of bolder colors, or the expression of more abstract ideas. The tranquil ambiance fosters a meditative space where thoughts and strokes can manifest uninhibitedly, turning the act of painting into a therapeutic and liberating experience. Whether you’re sketching landscapes or experimenting with surrealism, painting while enhanced can transform your artistic process, making each session a voyage of discovery.
painting with blazy susan
hiking with blazy susan

Hiking or Going to the Park

Taking a hike or visiting a park while blazing can elevate the experience of connecting with nature. We have rolling trays and grinders perfect for taking on the trip. As you stroll through verdant paths or relax under the shade of towering trees, the calming effects of your smoke can heighten your senses, making the chirping of birds, the rustle of leaves, and the scent of earth more vivid. This interaction with the natural world not only refreshes the mind but also rejuvenates the spirit, turning a simple walk or a sit in the park into a profound encounter with the outdoors. Each step or pause becomes an opportunity to observe the subtle beauty of nature, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Combining a smoke sesh with yoga can create a deeply relaxing and mindful practice. The calming effects of smoking can enhance the mental clarity and physical relaxation necessary for yoga, making it easier to deepen stretches and maintain poses with greater ease. This integration can also amplify the meditative aspects of yoga, helping you to achieve a state of serenity and present-mindedness. Whether practicing in the quiet of your home or surrounded by nature, incorporating a smoke session before yoga can transform your routine into a more holistic and enriching wellness experience.
yoga with blazy susan
reading with blazy susan

Writing or Journaling

Combining a smoke session with writing or journaling can unlock new depths of creativity and introspection. The relaxing properties of a sesh can help clear mental clutter, allowing thoughts and ideas to surface and flow more freely onto the page. This can be particularly transformative for personal journaling, where deeper self-reflection and honesty are nurtured in a calm, judgment-free space. For creative writing, it may help in crafting more vivid scenes, unique characters, or expressive poetry, making the writing process not only productive but also more enjoyable.


Activities like visiting art museums, painting, hiking, practicing yoga, or engaging in writing while blazing can transform everyday experiences into richer, more enjoyable adventures. Each idea has a way of taking a break from the busyness of everyday life while experiencing something new. Blazing during each of these ideas offers a unique way to deepen your connection with art, nature, and yourself. So next time you light up, consider pairing it with one of these creative or calming pursuits to elevate both your experience and your well-being.

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