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New Dabbing Accessories You Should Know About

Deluxe Dab Station on a Blazy Susan Tray

Last month we shared some of our brand-new smoking accessories. We also have an unwavering passion for helping people create the perfect dabbing experience as well. Our dabbing products are made by dabbers for dabbers. We have chosen three new dabbing accessories, created by Blazy, to highlight here. If you are passionate about having an awesome dabbing sesh experience, we feel you should know about these new accessories, the Deluxe Dab Station, Quartz Banger Male Joint, and Resin Blaster Glass Cleaner. Each of these Dabbing accessories help to level up your dab game.

The Deluxe Dab Station

Deluxe Dab Station

First up is the Deluxe Dab Station. If dabbing is the lifestyle for you, then this is the perfect dabbing tool organizer for you. Just like our original dab station, the new deluxe dab stations are made from premium silicone, are heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and are dishwasher safe. We designed the deluxe dab station to have enough slots for all your dabbing essentials like bangers, bowls, tools, cotton buds and more. There are a range of colors to choose from. If you really want to take things to the next level, it fits perfectly in the Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray.

Quartz Banger Male Joint

14mm Quartz Banger

A banger is a dish you use to vaporize concentrates on a dab rig. A male quartz banger pairs and fits inside a female jointed water pipe, so the fitting looks narrow and slightly tapered at the bottom. Here at Blazy we have designed a new 14mm Quartz Banger to elevate your dabbing game. We went with quartz because titanium can give your dabbing experience a metallic taste. These bangers come with a 25mm flat bottom bucket, perfect for your concentrates. These bangers are designed to withstand your daily use and come with a pattern on the outside that really stands out!

Resin Blaster Glass Cleaner

Resin Blaster pouring into a glass pipe

Keeping your dab rigs and glass pieces clean should not be a pain. Blazy Susan’s Resin Blaster is formulated to get your pieces sparkling clean. The resin blaster uses space age silica clay to absorb resins and tars for a simple no-scrub cleaning experience. You can use this blaster on glass, metal, and ceramics. Reuse weekly to keep your pieces sparkling clean with minimal effort!


In conclusion, Blazy Susan is not only dedicated to providing the finest smoking accessories, but we also share a strong commitment to enhancing the dabbing experience. Our newest dabbing accessories, the Deluxe Dab Station, Quartz Banger Male Joint, and Resin Blaster Glass Cleaner, are meticulously designed by dabbers for dabbers. The Deluxe Dab Station offers the perfect organization solution for avid dabbers, with its heat-resistant silicone construction and ample storage slots for all your essentials. The Quartz Banger Male Joint, made from high-quality quartz, ensures a flavorful dabbing experience without any metallic taste. And our Resin Blaster Glass Cleaner, powered by space age silica clay, effortlessly eliminates resin and tar buildup, leaving your glass pieces sparkling clean. With these exceptional accessories you can take your dabbing game to the next level!

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