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How Tight Should I Pack My Joint?

How Tight Should I Pack My Joint?

Rolling a joint is an art. This is something we touched on in our blog post: How to Roll a Classic Joint, but we wanted to expand a little on rolling your joint because we want you to get the most out of your bud. This time we are going to focus on how tight you should pack your joint, so you get the best hit every time.

Choosing the Right Rolling Papers

We want to first point out that if you are using basic generic rolling papers, it is very possible that you are going to get an uneven burn no matter how tight you pack your joint. Our pink and unbleached papers are a popular choice for many smokers, offering a clean, even burn. Blazy Susan’s rolling papers are vegan, non-GMO papers designed to give you an even, slow burning joint.

Using a Quality Grinder

The size of the grind of your bud also can affect how tight you pack your joint. Using a grinder will help you with having an even-ground bud. This will make packing your joint easier and burn more evenly as well.

Packing and Rolling Your Joint

Now to that all important question, how tight should you pack and roll your joint? Every joint roller kind of creates their own process and feel to how to roll a joint. We go over the basics in: How to Roll a Classic Joint. Packing joints reduces the likelihood of the cherry falling out of the lit joint as the result of a loose roll. As far as how tight to pack it, you want to not pack your joint too tight nor too loose. Too loose and your joint will burn down in seconds; roll too tight and you’ll struggle to get a nice, clean draw. Tightly packed joints burn slower than loosely packed joints. We suggest aiming for the same tightness as what you would see in a cigarette. When you are just getting used to packing a joint, we suggest taking a few hits of your joint before lighting it. If it’s hard to pull air through the joint, that’s a sign that you’ve rolled too tight, and you may want to unroll and try again before lighting it up.

Joint Rolling Techniques

Muzzle Load

The technique involves shoving ground bud into the tip of the joint similar to loading an old school musket. It is best performed with some sort of tool—a pen, dabber, damper, scissors, etc. Use a tool of your choice to help push the bud into the cylindrical tip of the joint and compress it down.

Drop Down Packing

You may have seen cigarette smokers doing something similar. This packing technique entails dropping the joint (crutch down) onto a hard surface—essentially letting gravity do all the work for you.

Shake Packing

Remember, the tighter the pack, the slower the burn. However, too tight and you will not get a good draw. If you have any issues, just use #blazy and ask your question over social media. The Blazy community will be happy to answer any questions about packing your joint.



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