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Joints vs Bowls – Which is Better

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Those who smoke will know there are a few different ways to get the high you’re looking for, including rolling a j or grinding up a bowl. If you’re curious, but have never rolled a joint before (or are too scared to try) we have a great guide on how to roll up a classic joint.

Joints and bowls each have their benefits, but there are some key differences that are worth looking at if you really want to debate the best way to get that buzz. And you know what? We want to. So let’s dive into joints vs. bowls.

Joints vs. Bowls


One of the most obvious differences between joints and bowls is portability. With joints, all you need is a smell proof pouch, your lighter, some rolling papers like our classic Blazy Pink Rolling Papers and your herb and you’re ready to go. Once you roll one up, you can go on adventures – if you’re not couch-locked from that top-shelf indica. Bongs aren’t the easiest thing to carry around, although we can’t say we haven’t made it work a time or two…hundred…

Being Discreet

Along with portability comes the need to be discreet. It’s easier to hide rolling papers. And once you’re all done toking all you’re left with is your lighter. However, joints are designed to burn through. But once that joint is lit, it’s not necessarily easy to put back out. So you best be on your toes if you’re worried about being discreet.

Paper Flavor

One of the drawbacks of joints is the taste can depend on the type of rolling papers you are using. Your traditional rolling papers are bleached and contains chemicals. That can change the flavor of your herb, drowning out those tasty terps and ruining your high. That is why if you are going to go the joint route, we suggest a vegan rolling paper like our pink or unbleached rolling papers. They are all natural so they do not change the flavor of your herb. Bowls, on the other hand, are typically made of blown glass and does not interfere with the taste unless you have not cleaned out your piece in a while (go clean your glass, btw.)


Bowls are usually made from glass. That is not a good thing if you are the clumsy type. If we had a dollar for every piece I’ve pulverized, we’d at least be able to snag a top-shelf eighth. If you drop a joint, chances are it isn’t going to break. Drop a bowl on the floor and you just might find favorite smoking pipe is now in pieces scattered across your floor, costing you your glass and your ganja. F’s in the blog comments for all the pieces we’ve lost over the years.


A pack of rolling papers are generally just a few dollars on their own. Bowls can vary widely depending on the size and quality of the bowl. Casual smokers will get a better bang for their buck with a pack of papers. Plus, knowing how to roll is a dope skill. Bowls tend to use less product than joints do, though. So if you factor in the cost of your herb into this, affordability can become a wash.


If time is a factor to you, bowls can get the job done quicker. They are faster to pack than rolling papers and quicker to use. The one exception is if you are using pre rolled cones. Pre rolled cones can cut the time it takes to make the perfect joint. If you have never used pre rolled cones, we suggest giving it a try. We have a great guide How to Roll with Pre-Rolled Cones. 

If time is less of a factor, a joint smokes way longer than a bowl. A joint can give you a longer burn, giving you longer lasting enjoyment and the perfect hit. Joints are also a little more fun to share – at least we think so.


Your herb is going to leave a tar like “resin” as you smoke it. If you are using a bowl, that means every once in a while, you will have to clean the resin out. If you are smoking a joint that resin will collect and you’ll be left with a “roach” that is highly resonated. Great for desperate times, but not a recommended smoke typically.

In truth, there is no real winner between these two methods. It burns down to your preferences and what you have on hand to get you blazed! Hit us up on social media with the hashtag #blazy to let us know which one you prefer!

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