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dabbing vs smoking

Dabbing vs Smoking

What’s the difference between dabbing and smoking? Both methods are popular, but how do you know which one is right for you? To help you sort it all out, we’re going to break down all the key differences in our latest Blazy blog: dabbing versus smoking! Dabbing and Smoking Explained Dabbing While dabbing has been […]

Smoking Accessories and Essentials for Your Next Road Trip

When you’re planning a road trip, it’s important to make a packing list of your most essential gear – and that includes your smoking stuff. If you’re not organized, it’s so easy to forget something or to overpack way too much stuff you don’t need. Road trip like a pro with our handy smoking supplies […]

What is dabbing?

What Are Dabs – Dabbing 101

What Are Dabs and How Do You Use Them? Here at Blazy Susan, we’re all about advancing the culture. Part of that means making sure that the community has a reliable source for trustworthy and accurate information. You may think that everyone and their mother knows all about dabs by now, but many of our […]

Dab Tray Essentials-Dabbing Accessories

Dabs (aka oil, concentrates, shatter, rosin, live resin) are a highly concentrated form of the flower that you typically smoke. Because of this, dabbing requires its own set of specialized dabbing tools. A few months ago, we released our first line of Blazy Susan Dab Trays. These dab trays are designed *for dabbers by dabbers*. […]

Cleaning Your Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are the perfect tool to keep you organized and keep your smoking space clean. Rolling a jay can get messy, but rolling trays are designed to keep your rolling papers and flower neat and tidy. Keep in mind – with regular use, your rolling tray can get dirty too. Cleaning your rolling tray […]

Black Spinning Rolling Tray

Smoking Accessories for Your Blazy Susan Rolling Tray

Here at Blazy, we are all about helping you elevate your smoking experience to a higher level. One of the keys to this is to stay organized. Our Blazy Susan rolling trays are designed to help you keep all your smoking accessories in one place, as well as a surface to roll out your herb. […]

King Size Unbleached Rolling Papers

How to Roll a Classic Joint

You’ve probably seen pictures of some impeccably-rolled joints floating around the internet. You’ve maybe even been fortunate enough to smoke one of these pieces of smokable art. However, let’s face it: not everyone can roll a pretty joint. And guess what? That’s perfectly ok! Noone should be shamed for their rolling skills; some people have […]

Blazy Susan Pre Rolled Cones

How To Roll with Pre-Rolled Cones

Here at Blazy Susan, we believe in providing something for every type of smoker. If you want to enjoy smoking your flower but can’t roll a classic joint (or you’re feeling lazy), the good news is there is a perfect solution out there for you! Sure, you could use a bong or pipe, but pre-rolled […]

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